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In the spirit of the clubs theme of a “One Club”, this was the first time a joint Ladies and Mens Champions Prize giving event has been held, bringing the Ladies and Mens bowling divisions together. A welcoming Meet and Greet commenced in the Bar/lounge area at around 6pm with drinks and canapes. At 6.45 all attendees were then invited to take their places in the dining room for the dinner and presentation of prizes, very capably moderated by Tim Cattle.

During the evening attendees were entertained by a group of Club Ladies leading the Club Song with everyone invited to join in the singing. This was followed by Tim Cattle conducting an interview with both Directors of Bowls, Bev Schupelius and Gerry Crolla, bringing a few surprises and laughs.

The Champions prizes were presented by our Club President, Tim Smith.

The evening was voted a resounding success by attendees and likely to be a forerunner of more joint Club events in the future.

Please enjoy the photo gallery of prize winners following.

Prize Night Photo Gallery

Ladies’ Champion Fours

Travis Leahy

Lisa Brannan, Donna Blackwell, Lorna Ward, Coral Biddiscombe

Men’s Champion Fours

Brad Henley & Alan Keating

Steve Baker, Wayne Moseley, (absent: Tim Crabtree and Aaron Gale)

Geoff Oakley Trophy:

Paul Youngman

Paul Youngman

Ladies’ Champion Triples

Lisa Brannan

Lisa Brannan, Lorna Ward, Donna Blackwell

Men’s Champion Triples

Valarie Parkinson Lorna Klepec

Colin Biddiscombe, Gerry Crolla (absent: John Foster)

Ladies’ Champion Pairs

Lisa Brannan Gail Hjorth Lea Mias

Lisa Brannan, Donna Blackwell

Men’s Champion Pairs

Lisa Brannan Gail Hjorth Pat Moonen Lea Mias

Gerry Crolla, Colin Biddiscombe

Club Champion Mixed Pairs

Lea Mias Travis Leahy

Lea Mias, Wayne Moseley

Our ladies songsters leading the audience in a rendition of the club song

Lea Mias Travis Leahy

Tim Cattle interviewing Bev Schupelius

Lea Mias Travis Leahy

Gerry’s unbelievable response!!

Lea Mias Travis Leahy

Ladies’ Champion Singles

Lea Mias Travis Leahy

Audrey Stokes

Men’s Champion Singles

Lea Mias Travis Leahy

Mel Randall

Congratulations to Anne and Gerry Crolla who celebrated their 53rd wedding Anniversary

Lea Mias Travis Leahy

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